21 December 2018

Decadent Holiday Desserts

The holiday season is here and we are FULL of cheer. At Envy™, we are so passionate about the holidays because of everything it represents; family, friends, festive dishes, and of course, decadent holiday desserts. When it comes to creating truly decadent holiday desserts, there’s more to it than just taste. Creating a beautiful dessert with an inspiring presentation plays a key role in generating those “ooohs and aaahs” you get from loved ones. 

We believe Envy™ apples were made for more than just the traditional apple pie; our slow-to-brown apples are capable of so much more! In fact, they’re extremely versatile. Below you’ll find some of our most satisfying holiday treats - the only problem you may face is deciding which one(s) to make!

Whether you like them fluffy and soft or with a bit of a crunch, homemade cookies are a staple when it comes to decadent holiday desserts. Our Envy™ Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies create a taste like no holiday cookie you’ve had before. This festive treat is a must-have with an undeniable flavor and an amazing texture that only an Envy™ apple and a warm oatmeal cinnamon cookie can emulate. 

Envy™ Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

Like we said, our Envy™ apples are incredibly versatile; have you ever imagined combining them with the already-delicious tres leches cake? This ultra-light cake is soaked in a sweet milk mixture and topped with your favorite crisp apple, California Giant berries, and cinnamon! This straightforward yet mouth-watering recipe is a traditional Mexican dessert and absolutely explodes with flavor from the first bite to the last!

Cinnamon Envy™ Apple Tres Leches with Whipped Cream & California Giant Berries

S’mores are typically viewed as a campfire dessert that are simple to make, yet oh so tasty. Our Envy™ Apple Dark Chocolate S’mores are a tad bit more sophisticated with the added crunch that only an Envy™ apple has. The melted dark chocolate, the toasted (or burned) marshmallow, gram cracker, and delightful Envy™ apple are a match made in heaven!

Envy™ Apple Dark Chocolate S'mores

When you get together with friends and family, you know what the most important part of the meal is. It’s not the tasty appetizers, the beautiful main dish, or the side dishes that complement the other dishes, but the decadent desserts. Now, this is the really important dessert and definitely a fan-favorite. Our Pumpkin Spice Envy™ Apple Cider is surely the most integral piece of any holiday meal. This delectable cocktail/dessert will certainly warm you up during the cold winter season!

Pumpkin Spice Envy™ Apple Cider

The holidays are a special time of the year. It is our personal favorite because we value friends, family, and appetizing food. This year, elevate your holiday meals with Envy™ and our decadent holiday desserts. Not only will you create your best dessert to date, but you may start a tradition for the holiday seasons to come!

Also, don’t forget your beautiful charcuterie board over the holidays! A creative combination of cured meats, specialty cheeses, fruits, nuts, and condiments, they’ve claimed their spot atop the culinary scene and they’re here to stay. As these artfully assembled meat and cheese boards continue to gain in popularity among foodies far and wide, Envy™ apples are here to enhance your spread with their slow-to-brown flesh AND Envy-able Spread Sweepstakes! Click here for your chance to win 1 of 15 gift cards to Williams Sonoma and a shipment of Envy™ apples!

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