Our Envy™ Story

Since it was introduced, Envy™ has emerged as the apple perfection: Balanced sweetness, uplifting fresh aroma, delightfully satisfying crunch and beautiful appearance. One apple has it all.​

Bite & Believe

Envy™ was born using natural plant-breeding methods, crossing between Braeburn with Royal Gala apples, we have taken full advantage of the best nature has to offer. The result is pure bliss, heightened enjoyment like no other.


There are people who simply accept what life offers up and then there are those who seek more.

Envy™ shows that you choose to make each moment supremely delightful and that you know the difference between ordinary and extraordinary

Envy™ is an invitation to enjoy a small moment to savour and raise your expectations of what an apple can be.

Whatever you are doing right now, Envy™ apple makes the experience so much more memorable and remarkable for you and the ones you love.