When you're this good they call you Envy.

Bite & Believe

Day after day, whether in blazing sun, pouring rain, biting cold, and blowing wind, our dedicated growers remain passionate about their Envy apples.
You see, the more we live the way we do, the more of us search for a little parcel of purity. A perfect piece of nature. A time when life was quieter and maybe a little gentler. (And where an ingredients list wasn’t 12 lines long.)

Envy is the antidote – bite and believe!

It’s an apple grown for our busy, modern lives. A pure and pristine apple that’s a genuine work of orchard-growing genius. And one you can enjoy just about anywhere. With its extraordinary crunch and texture, refreshingly sweet palette and beautiful colours – it’s nature’s passport to a magical moment of indulgent time. Brought to you from the world’s most caring growers.


Growing Envy

Across both hemispheres, over three continents, enthusiastic orchard growers take a special pride in their Envy apples, which are grown with just the right amount of balance and patience. They’re wonderfully healthy, but they taste like a treat. They’re guilt free, yet a good chunky size. With a crunch that invigorates the sense, and an aroma, flavour and taste that offer a sublime moment of escape in the busiest, most demanding of days. (It’s little wonder apple growers are lining up to grow them!).

Enza growers in these quiet rural communities share the same environmentally purposeful growing techniques that are the envy of our industry...

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Meet Our Growers

Learn more about the men and women who grow envy apples.



Whether sliced on top of salad, served on a platter with your favourite cheese or eaten "au naturel",
Envy apples are best enjoyed fresh to truly appreciate the crispy texture and sweet taste.

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Philip Greer - Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

"We brought six kids up on our orchard. We certainly aren't going to spray our trees with chemicals...

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