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2012 Envy™ Season Update

The 2012 Envy™ crop is looking to be the biggest and best yet. Envy™ is grown in the Hawkes Bay and Nelson; some of New Zealand's most idyllic locations with perfect apple growing conditions.

The Envy™ Apple, with its ruby red skin and white crisp, sweet flesh has quickly earned itself a reputation as one of the worlds most premium apple varieties and has captivated chefs and connoisseurs of fresh food worldwide. Envy™ is renowned for its unique flesh quality, staying pristine white for hours after slicing.

Envy™ fans will be pleased to hear that this season's production will be more than double that of the 2011 season as the trees come into maturity. The Envy™ apples this year are looking and tasting exceptionally good once again. They have their signature deep red color, and delicate sweet taste and texture which have made Envy™ the most desirable apple in the marketplace.

Envy™ apples will start leaving the New Zealand orchards early April, and will be hitting supermarket and green grocer shelves from May. Envy™ lovers are urged to get in quick, as with previous seasons, Envy™ is expected to be in high demand!

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The 2012 Envy™ crop is looking to be the biggest and best yet. Envy™ is grown in the...

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