Grilled Ribeye with Envy™ Apple Butter

2 ribeyes

Salt and fresh cracked pepper


For the butter:

1 stick butter, softened

½ peeled Envy™ apple, small diced

½ tsp kosher salt

10 turns fresh cracked pepper


Preheat your grill on high.

In a food processor, pulse your apple until it’s finely chopped. Add the butter, salt, and pepper and pulse until well combined. Leave at room temperature, or if making ahead, roll it up in a tube shape in parchment paper and then twist or tie the ends.

Let your steak rest at room temperature for 20-30 minutes. Once ready to cook, GENEROUSLY season with salt and pepper (just trust us)!

Grill steak to your desired doneness. Let rest for 5 minutes after cooking. While it’s resting, spread the apple butter on top of the steak and let the butter melt over top. Slice and serve.

North America