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We’re committed to having a positive impact on our planet and taking action by minimizing the effect our operations have on the planet by adapting new innovative solutions. In every part of our business, innovation drives us.

Greener Choices

Aligned with the Earth Day 2024 theme “Planet vs. Plastics,” we’re reducing our footprint and plastic use. We recently switched a key retailer from plastic packaging to the earth-friendly EZ Pack. In the coming months, this more sustainable alternative will be offered to our other retailers, promoting greener choices and protecting our planet.

Regenerative Practices

In Washington State, Envy apple growers are pioneering a carbon-negative apple industry, embracing regenerative farming practices in collaboration with Royal Family Farming. This initiative, led by CMI Orchards, includes innovative methods like reducing water usage, utilizing cover crops, minimizing tillage, and maximizing local inputs. A key component is livestock integration, contributing to a holistic, sustainable approach. CMI Orchards’ efforts are significantly boosted by its partnership with Royal Family Farming, where farm byproducts contribute to a closed-loop system, enhancing soil health while reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizers.


There’s too much waste in the world so we want to close the loop on this, which means reusing or repurposing resources we use to create and distribute food. We’re using renewable materials in our packaging and addressing operational waste through continuous improvement. We surveyed 1,000+ consumers and recycling is a part of their daily lives as well.

75% of ENVY™ consumers purchase in bulk/loose
38% of ENVY™ consumers purchase in handle bags
80% of ENVY™ consumers recycle at home
51.1% of ENVY™ consumers recycle outside of the home
70.9% of ENVY™ consumers say recycling messages on packaging is important to them

Meet the growers

Matt Jeffery

McDougall and Sons – Wenatchee, Washington

Rick Derrey

Yakima Valley, Washington

Emily Zirkle

Rainier Fruit – Yakima Valley, Washington

Sean Gilbert

Gilbert Fruit – Yakima Valley, Washington


Looking for inspiration for your next get together? Look no further than ENVY™ apples.

Where To Buy Envy™

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