Envy™ Apple & Berry Cream Cheese Tarts

12 frozen mini tart shells approx 2 inches in diameter (baked to package directions)

3 Envy™ apples, cut into 12 large slices (around the core)


1 package cream cheese, softened

½ cup powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

¼ cup milk


For the cherries:

1 cup diced cherries

2 T sugar


For the blueberries:

1 cup halved California Giant Berry Farms blueberries

2 T sugar


Equipment needed:

Disposable piping bag

Small star cookie cutter


Stir together the cherries and sugar in one bowl and stir together blueberries and sugar in another.  Let sit for at least 30 minutes to 1 hr.

Beat together cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk.  Spoon into a piping bag and cut off a small part of the tip.

Once tarts are baked and cooled, fill halfway with cream cheese mixture.

Punch apple slices with the small star cookie cutter

Top half of the tart with a spoonful of cherries, and the other half with blueberries.  Top with an apple star and serve.


North America