1. Where can I find Envy™ apples?

You can find Envy™ apples at a grocery store near you by using our Store Locator. Simply type in your zip code and retailers that carry Envy™ apples will appear on the map. If your favorite grocery store is out of stock, please request Envy™ from the store manager or produce department manager.

2. How are Envy™ apples slow-to-brown?

Envy™ apples have a bright, tender flesh that remains white, even after being cut, due to their high vitamin-C content. This naturally slows the browning process and keeps Envy™ apples crisp a lot longer!

3. Are Envy™ apples genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

Envy™ apples are free from genetic modification and were born using natural plant-breeding methods, crossing Braeburn with Royal Gala apples. The result is pure bliss.

4. Are Envy™ apples nutritious?

Envy™ apples provide a wide variety of wonderful health benefits. Each Envy™ apple is full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

5. When are Envy™ apples in season?

Envy™ apples are in season year-round since they’re grown around the world! Envy™ apples are available from New Zealand and Chile May through October and in the United States October through May. Use our Store Locator to help you find Envy™ apples at a grocery store near you!

6. Are Envy™ apples appropriate for cooking or baking?

Envy™ apples can be used in a wide variety of recipes – click here to find a few of our favorites!

7. Do you offer coupons on Envy™ apples?

We periodically offer coupons through our retail partners, and offer rebates through the popular shopping app, Ibotta. Visit your favorite grocery chain’s website, app, or social platforms for ads, specials, and other cost-saving opportunities. PLUS! Enter our current promotion for a chance to win a shipment of Envy™ apples!

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