3 七月 2019

Sinful Summer Desserts

Ahh, summertime. Blue skies, sunshine, pool parties, and backyard barbecues galore… does it get any sweeter? This season, it does, with America’s favorite apple! From our Envy™ apple dark chocolate s’mores to our apple & strawberry swirl sorbet, we’ve created a wide variety of decadent desserts to make this summer the sweetest yet. Follow along below to find your new favorite!

Envy™ Apple Oat Crumble with Citrus Caramel Sauce

Our apple oat crumble is what cinnamon-brown-sugar-apple dreams are made of! Topped with a sinfully sweet citrus caramel topping, this dessert is a must-try!

Envy™ Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

We upgraded the classic oatmeal cookie with Envy™ apples and extra cinnamon, and they do NOT disappoint. In fact, they’re absolutely delicious. Just be sure to make double (or triple!) the batch… they go fast!

Envy™ Apple & Strawberry Swirl Sorbet

Envy™ apples and California Giant Berry Farms strawberries are swirled to perfection in this refreshing sorbet! Beat the heat and enjoy it poolside for the perfect sweet summer treat!

Cinnamon Envy™ Apple Tres Leches with California Giant Berries

Who doesn’t love a good tres leches cake? Satisfyingly moist, milky, and full of flavor, our version is made even better with the addition of Envy™ apples and California Giant Berries. You HAVE to try this sweet cinnamon vanilla cake.

Envy™ Apple Dark Chocolate S’mores

S'mores and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. You have to make s’mores at least once every single summer or you’re just not doing it right (sorry, we don’t make the rules). This time around, try our new and improved recipe for a change! Melted dark chocolate, Envy™ apples, graham crackers, and marshmallows never tasted SO GOOD… we have a feeling you’ll never go back to the original!

Poached Envy™ Apples with Salted Caramel 

This dessert is oh-so elegant and absolutely delicious. The poached Envy™ apples have a delightful texture and are topped with a sweet caramel sauce you can’t get enough of. Add a garnish for a picture-perfect presentation and enjoy!

Cinnamon Envy™ Apple Sorbet

Last but not least, dig into our sweet cinnamon apple sorbet! Light and refreshing, this will become your go-to summer dessert to satisfy your sweet-tooth! 

As you can tell, life is a whole lot sweeter with Envy™! For even more decadent dessert recipes, like our churro cheesecake and pumpkin apple pie, click here!

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