15 november 2018

Enhance Thanksgiving with Envy™

Thanksgiving is almost here and we can hardly contain our excitement!! This is our favorite holiday for so many reasons, including what it represents. In fact, Thanksgiving is just about that, giving thanks. This fan-favorite holiday is full of friends, family, food, and traditions. Although, we think it might be time to create some new traditions when it comes to the menu… From Envy™ Apple Stuffing Balls with Rosemary Gravy to Envy™ Apple Green Bean Casserole, and even Roasted Envy™ Apple Macaroni and Cheese, we’re upgrading a few of our favorite Thanksgiving classics with sweet Envy™ apples. And you’ll be oh-so thankful we did!

We hope that your Thanksgiving dinner is elegant, full of flavor, and filled with gratitude. For new creative ways to enhance Thanksgiving with Envy™, look no further!

An Envy-able Spread

Begin your feast with a beautiful charcuterie board! These hand-crafted, creative combinations of cured meats, specialty cheeses, fruits, nuts, and condiments serve as the perfect go-to before dinner is ready. In fact, having a colorful charcuterie board is the first step to an elegant Thanksgiving. Be sure to include Envy™ apples on your board; their slow-to-brown flesh, crisp crunch, and unforgettable flavor is a must!

Plus, now through December 31, 2018, you can enter our Envy-able Spread Sweepstakes for a chance to win 1 of 15 $200 gift cards to Williams Sonoma and a shipment of Envy™ apples! You’ll also gain access to our exclusive step-by-step guide to the ultimate, Envy-able spread. Click here to enter today!

Roasted Root Vegetables & Envy™ Apples with Pecan Crumble

Spice up a traditional Thanksgiving dish with Envy™. Our roasted root vegetables and Envy™ apples with pecan crumble is guaranteed to satisfy Thanksgiving guests. Colorful roasted root veggies with beautiful Envy™ apples, topped with a pecan crumble creates a flawless combination and sets the bar high for the remainder of the meal.

Envy™ Apple Stuffing Balls with Rosemary Gravy

What is Thanksgiving without stuffing and gravy? Our adorable Envy™ apple stuffing balls with rosemary gravy produce a texture like no other with soft stuffing and a refreshing crunch that only Envy™ can provide. We know, our mouths are watering too.

Envy™ Apple & Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole has been a Thanksgiving staple for as long as we can remember. This delightful dish is always so full of flavor and never disappoints! This year, enhance this traditional dish with Envy™. America’s favorite apple takes this side to the next level – you simply won’t be able to resist!

Roasted Envy™ Apple Macaroni & Cheese

Envy™ apples and creamy roasted mac and cheese; it sounds like perfection, right? This mouth-watering recipe combines cheesy, roasted macaroni and tasty Envy™ apples for a delectable Thanksgiving dish.

Envy™ Apple Pumpkin Pie

Is it really Thanksgiving without pie? We didn’t think so, either. Upgrade the classic pumpkin pie with sweet Envy™ apples! This flavor combination is one you don’t want to miss! For even more pumpkin spice and everything nice, click here!

At Envy™, we encourage you to give thanks. Not only on the fourth Thursday of November, but wherever you find an opportunity. We are thankful for our diligent growers who work tirelessly to provide the world with nature’s best gift; an Envy™ apple. We're also thankful for those of you that purchase and incorporate Envy™ apples into your meals! Make this Thanksgiving meal your best yet and enhance it with Envy™. Enjoy!

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