Grilled Cheese with Apple and Bacon

As many as you make
15 MIN
20 MIN
  • Bread (we often use sour dough)
  • Stone ground mustard
  • Sliced cheddar cheese
  • Thinly sliced Envy apples
  • Cooked bacon
  • Butter


Heat griddle or frying pan to medium-low heat. Assemble sandwich: spread mustard on one or both slices of bread (to taste). Top with cheese, apple slices, and bacon (about 2 pieces for each sandwich, cut to size of bread as needed), then a little extra cheese.

Place the second slice of bread on top and butter it. Place sandwich in pan, buttered-side down. Butter the remaining side. Cook until the cheese is slightly melted and bottom bread is browned (I use a lid to help hold in the heat and melt the cheese).

Flip the sandwich and continue to cook until cheese is thoroughly melted and bread is golden brown. Allow to cool a minute before cutting.

North America