Envy™ Apple Stuffing Balls with Rosemary Gravy

2 cups diced Envy™ apples

1 box of stovetop stuffing

½ onion, small diced

2 T butter


For the gravy:

3 T butter

3 T flour

2 cups beef broth

2 tsp kosher salt

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

20 turns fresh cracked pepper

1 T finely chopped rosemary



Cook the box of stuffing according to directions, set aside and allow to cool slightly.

In a large saute pan, melt 2 T butter and saute the diced onion and apples until tender. Set aside to cool slightly.

Stir together the stuffing and apple mixture. Spread stuffing onto a sheet tray and allow to cool in refrigerator.

After cooling, form the stuffing into medium sized balls and place onto a sheet tray lined with parchment paper.

Broil the balls until golden brown and slightly crispy.

In a small pot, melt butter and whisk in the flour. Cook the flour for 1 minute, whisking frequently.

Whisk in beef broth, salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce and bring to a boil, whisking frequently. Remove from heat and stir in the rosemary (if desired, you can continue to gently simmer the gravy to make thicker).

Arrange stuffing balls in a serving dish and drizzle with gravy. Serve while hot.

North America