Envy™ Apple & Avocado Salsa

2 Envy™ apples, small diced

8 roma tomatoes, cores removed, outer part small diced

2 jalapenos, charred*, stem and seeds removed, small diced

2 T finely chopped cilantro

1 tsp kosher salt

2 T lime juice

Zest of 1 lime

1 avocado, small diced


*to char the jalapeno, stab with a fork and hold close to the flame on your stovetop burner OR broil until black on all sides in your oven.

In a medium mixing bowl stir together all ingredients except for avocado.  Gently fold in diced avocado and serve on top of your favorite taco, dip with chips, or spoon over top of grilled fish

North America