16 January 2019

Sweet Smoothies and Sweepstakes

2019 is officially here! With the new year comes new goals, challenges, adventures, relationships, and memories. The beginning of the year is most often known for resolutions and healthier decisions as we go about our daily life. New year, new you; right? Whether your resolution is to go to the gym more consistently, tone up for your Hawaii vacay, or simply eat healthier, we have the perfect opportunity for you with our Smoothie Sweepstakes!

When it comes to whipping up an easy, satisfying meal that tastes good and is good for you, smoothies have quickly become our go-to. With so many different and creative variations paired with the convenience of minimal prep time, smoothies made with Envy™ apples pack a punch of flavor, are full of beneficial fiber, vitamins, and nutrients, and are oh-so tasty.

To help you meet and fulfill your new health goals for 2019, we decided to give away 5 Blendtec blenders and a shipment of Envy™ apples (to make winning that much sweeter)! As you enter to win now through the end of April, we also decided to showcase some of our most simple, delicious, and nutritious Envy™ smoothie recipes! From our power packed detox smoothie to our peanut butter lover smoothie, we're serving up Envy™ apple smoothies 6 different ways to satisfy every smoothie lover. Which combination will become your new favorite?!

Plus, don't forget to enter our Smoothie Sweepstakes now through April 30, 2019, for a chance to win 1 of 5 Blendtec blenders and a shipment of Envy™ apples!

Try our Envy™ cocoa cinnamon smoothie featuring the juicy Envy™ apple, cinnamon, and cocoa powder for a mouthwatering taste and perfect meal for any time of the day!

Envy™ Cocoa Cinnamon Smoothie

Envy™ apples and bananas make for a perfect combo and both act as healthy fruits loaded with fiber, vitamins, and potassium. Our Envy™ apple banana smoothie combines these healthy qualities and provides an appetizing treat!

Envy™ Apple Banana Smoothie

Looking to get lean and mean this new year? Our Envy™ mean green smoothie provides the necessary greens and healthy fats to boost your metabolism and keep you firing on all cylinders! 

 Envy™ Mean Green Smoothie

Our tropical smoothie isn’t your average smoothie. The perfect Envy™ apple paired with fresh pineapple, tangy orange juice, and toasted coconut is a combination made in heaven, or should we say the tropics?

Envy™ Tropical Smoothie

Do all detox smoothies have to taste so boring? We say no! Paired with our delectable Envy™ apple is a sliced banana, the almighty Matcha powder, grated ginger, and baby spinach. This power packed detox smoothie tastes much more like a sinful snack! Don’t believe us? Try it out!

Envy™ Detox Smoothie

Last, but certainly not least is our Envy™ peanut butter lover smoothie. The classic but oh-so delicious combination of a crisp apple and savory peanut butter is just the beginning! This satisfying snack adds an even sweeter taste with vanilla and will soon become your go-to smoothie!

Envy™ Peanut Butter Lover Smoothie

New year, new you! We want to help you get a head start in tackling you’re your challenges and goals in 2019! Treat yourself to our delicious, nutritious, and simple Envy™ apple smoothies and don’t forget to enter our Smoothie Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Blendtec blender and a shipment of Envy™ apples! All you have to do is fill out the form - click here to enter and best of luck!

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