18 March 2019

Lovely Spring Libations

Spring is nearly upon us and we can’t help but think about sunny days, blue skies, blooming trees, and spending time outside. But let’s be honest, on a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon, you’ll most likely find us on an outdoor patio wherever the best happy hour is! Because what screams spring more than enjoying the great outdoors with friends over a cocktail (or two)?!

Happy hour cocktails these days can be so intricate and overcomplicated, but to us, nothing beats the flavor and inspiration of a cocktail made with Envy™. Think about it, your favorite liquor and a sweet Envy™ apple; it doesn’t get much better. From our Miss Germain specialty to our new apple gimlet (and maybe a new appetizer?), follow along for some lovely spring libations. 

Refreshing, aromatic, elegant, and smooth; all of these can be used to describe our NEW Envy™ apple gimlet. The sweet, juicy Envy™ apple paired with lime juice and your favorite gin makes this your new favorite drink! It’s also super easy and fun to make, a must try!

Envy™ Apple Gimlet

Our Miss Germain cocktail might as well be famous by now. Apple infused vodka, lemon juice, and St. Germain garnished with a slice of Envy™ makes for a simple, delicate, and delicious drink to enjoy on a sensational spring day.
In between cocktails, it’s important to eat! But don’t eat any old appetizer or greasy bar food. Our Envy™ apple & spring herb ricotta phyllo tart makes for an incredible addition to your lovely spring outing. This light, savory-sweet snack is easier than it looks to make and the flavor is out of this world!
Okay, after satisfying your appetite we are back to the important stuff! Our pumpkin spice Envy™ apple cider is a classically-styled, palatable and still soft cocktail that will keep you coming back for more. The subtle yet undeniable taste of Envy™ apples encompasses the drink and really creates a superb spring libation experience!
Be the envy of your loved ones with these Envy™ apple cocktails. Follow these recipes for drinks with the most flavor and least preparation time! With sunny days approaching fast, we have all you need for a lovely spring libation! Make sure to drink responsibly and click here for more fun Envy™ recipes!

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