12 February 2019


February is here, I repeat February is here. Isn’t it crazy? The first month of 2019 has already come and gone! How are you doing with your resolutions? Are you still on track? Have you been exercising more often? What does your current diet look like? We can’t quite help you with every resolution; but we are certainly passionate about your health goals! 

February rings in what we, and several others on social media, like to call #Fiberuary. Fiberuary is a movement to encourage healthier eating habits by focusing on the key component of fiber. Fiber is so important for your daily intake and can reap so many benefits for your body. Also, did you know that Envy™ apples are loaded with fiber? People often think that apples are really only known for their vitamin C and calcium content, but they also help reach your daily suggested potassium and fiber servings, as well. In fact, one large Envy™ apple contains about five grams of fiber; that’s incredible!

#Fiberuary is perfect because it only lasts 28 days; It isn’t some lofty goal or diet that you have to stick to for the entire year. Although, after seeing some of our delicious fiber-packed recipes, you may disagree. From our Envy™ apple and avocado salsa to our creamy sweet pea and caramelized Envy™ apples, follow along for yummy fiber-full recipes and health insights regarding this mighty nutrient!

Fun fiber fact #1: Fiber slows the rate that sugar is absorbed in your bloodstream. This is good for your body and health because the sugar is being absorbed slower, which means you stay full longer. Apples, as we mentioned above, are a great source for fiber, but so are avocados! Pair these two fruits together for a fiber-packed meal! Our Envy™ apple and avocado salsa pairs perfectly on tacos, tortilla chips, salads, and more! Plus, this recipe is simple and the finished product is packed full of flavor; definitely a must-try!

Envy™ Apple & Avocado Salsa

Fun fiber fact #2: Fiber makes your intestines move faster! Foods that are rich in fiber move through your intestines faster which signals to the rest of your body that you are full; this basically acts as a natural appetite control supplement. Try out our shaved brussels sprout salad with Envy™ apples and cranberry vinaigrette to help reach your fiber goals. Brussel sprouts are notorious for their health benefits, and taste oh-so good in our salad paired with crisp and crunchy Envy™ apples!

Shaved Brussels Sprout with Envy™ Apples & Cranberry Vinaigrette

Fun fiber fact #3: Fiber can help to cleanse your colon. Fiber cleans out bacteria and other buildup inside your intestines which can aid in reducing your chance of colon cancer. Our creamy sweet peas and caramelized Envy™ apples recipe is rich in fiber, has an amazing texture, and a flavor that creates a party in your mouth!

Creamy Sweet Peas and Caramelized Envy™ Apples

Fun fiber fact #4: Fiber can keep your bowel movements normal. A diet that is high in fiber helps keep your bowel system in check, which reduces constipation. We already know that Envy™ apples are full of fiber, but pair those perfectly sweet apples with roasted carrots and you have yourself a meal! Our roasted root vegetables and Envy™ apples with pecan crumble is a perfect dish for any occasion, is easy and quick to make, and is absolutely mouth-watering.

Roasted Root Vegetables & Envy™ Apples with Pecan Crumble

Fiber is such an important component to your diet and wehope that during the month of #Fiberuary, you are able to increase your daily serving and enjoy some delectable dishes while doing so. Be sure to post your fiber-full #Fiberuary meal, and tag us to join along in the fun! Enjoy!


Source: UCSF

North America