19 September 2018

Festive Fall Favorites

The first official day of fall is in sight, and we couldn’t be more delighted! From football season to Halloween and everything in between, we have so much to look forward to this time of year. Especially when it comes to all the festive foods! Pumpkin spice, pot roasts, stuffing, sweet potato pie… we’re more than ready for the mouth-watering recipes, made even better with Envy™ apples. The addition of Envy™ transforms the everyday into extraordinary, but don’t just take our word for it – bite, believe, and indulge in some of our festive fall favorites!


Nothing says fall quite like some comfort food. Relax and enjoy Envy™ apple stuffing balls with gravy. The savory stuffing combined with the perfectly sweet Envy™ apple creates an explosion of flavor that simply cannot be mimicked. This simple recipe will surely be a fan favorite. 

Envy™ Apple Stuffing Balls with Rosemary Gravy

Roasted carrots, yams, beets, and Envy™ apples topped with toasted pecans… this quintessential fall side dish is absolutely delicious! Plus, it has the power to convert loved ones who loathe vegetables into veggie-lovers.

Roasted Root Vegetables & Envy™ Apples with Pecan Crumble

When showcasing our festive fall favorites, how could we not include green bean casserole? Start a new tradition this autumn! The pure, pristine, perfectly sweet Envy™ apple combined with creamy green bean casserole just might replace grandma’s recipe come this Thanksgiving. 

Envy™ Apple Green Bean Casserole

Everybody loves a flavorful pot roast! Start this delicious Envy™ apple pot roast in the morning and it will be ready by dinner! A heaping mix of Envy™ apples, vegetables, chuck roast, and garlic will certainly bring a smile to your face after a busy day. 

 Envy™ Apple Pot Roast

Fall isn’t really fall without a little pumpkin spice. Indulge in these pumpkin spiced Oreo and Envy™ apple cake balls. They’re fun, light, crunchy, and irresistible!

Pumpkin Spiced Oreo Balls with Crunchy Envy™ Apples

Fall is a special time of year when time seems to slow down a bit. Take a step back from your day-to-day routine to bite (and believe) into some of our festive fall favorites. For even more divine dishes, click here.

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