"We brought six kids up on our orchard. We certainly aren’t going to spray our trees with chemicals.”

“We live along the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand in a semi-arid region protected from extremes by the mountains to the west. It’s a wonderful environment to raise your children. It’s a healthy, strong community of growers that support each other like a family. I was introduced to Envy 6 years ago. So we were pretty much the first to have a taste of these things. One bite and you’re hooked. It’s amazing, so crunchy and full of flavor. Straight away we thought, 'Wow'...


Growing Envy

Across both hemispheres, over three continents, enthusiastic orchard growers take a special pride in their Envy apples, which are grown with just the right amount of balance and patience. They’re wonderfully healthy, but they taste like a treat. They’re guilt free, yet a good chunky size. With a crunch that invigorates the sense, and an aroma, flavour and taste that offer a sublime moment of escape in the busiest, most demanding of days. (It’s little wonder apple growers are lining up to grow them!).

Enza growers in these quiet rural communities share the same environmentally purposeful growing techniques that are the envy of our industry. The fancy phrase for it is “Integrated Fruit Production,” or IFP for short, but they’d prefer to call it “common sense.” Growers safeguard orchards from harmful substances, eliminate the use of genetically modified organisms, and minimize pesticide use by disrupting the mating patterns of invasive species and establishing “friendly” bug populations that eat the “bad bugs.” It’s a difference you can taste in our apples, no matter what end of the earth they come from.

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