When you're this good they call you Envy.

Bite & Believe

It’s hard to put into words what makes Envy so remarkable. Each satisfying crunch redefines what to expect from an apple. One bite leads to another exquisite; remarkable; fantastic bite. The dense flesh stays bright long after you cut the apples to make a cheese platter or a phenomenal salad. You simply have to try Envy to understand how delicious, sweet and juicy an apple can be. 

Until that moment, you will only wonder. 

Envy's Story

Since it was introduced, Envy has emerged as the apple with everything: beautiful skin, sweet flavor, and a bright, tender flesh that remains white, even after being cut.

Envy was born using natural plant-breeding methods, crossing Braeburn with Royal Gala apples, to take full advantage of New Zealand’s ideal growing conditions. The result is pure bliss.

A handpicked team of talented growers who simply fell in love after one bite have planted trees in prime growing regions, such as Washington state and along the northeast coast of New Zealand, as well as in Chile where they bask in long, sundrenched days and crisp, cool evenings. 

Of course you’re the one who enjoys the fruit of their labor: a unique, sweet and crisp type of apple whose flesh doesn’t brown—even after you bite, slice or chop it.

Perfectly Natural


Many years spent developing the world’s leading growing standards has led to a difference you can taste in an Enza apple,
whether it’s grown in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Envy Timeline



"It’s all about the lake and the environment. The lake goes back into the Cascades for 55 miles. It’s all glacier-fed. The snow melts and continues to be pristine.”

"I’m 58 and I’ve been in this business all my life. And I’m lucky enough to be involved with the beginnings of new varieties. We’re right on Lake Chelan, and the water is from a glacier. If you look off the end of my dock the water’s 10 or 12 feet deep, but you can see the bottom. It’s clear, like a swimming pool. On Sundays I'll take my dog and walk up the same hill I’ve been walking up since I was 6 years old and just look at...

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"We brought six kids up on our orchard. We certainly aren’t going to spray our trees with chemicals.”

“We live along the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand in a semi-arid region protected from extremes by the mountains to the west. It’s a wonderful environment to raise your children. It’s a healthy, strong community of growers that support each other like a family. I was introduced to Envy 6 years ago. So we were pretty much the first to have a taste of these things. One bite and you’re hooked. It’s amazing, so crunchy and full of flavor...

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Growing Practices

The Chelan Valley in Washington state and Hawke’s Bay on the North Island of New Zealand are worlds apart, but they share a special gift. They’re both perfect spots for growing Envy apples. It’s not only because of the rugged mountains that lie to the west and shield both semi-arid regions from extreme winds and harsh temperatures. 

The common thread runs much deeper. 

Enza growers in these quiet rural communities share the same environmentally purposeful growing techniques that are the envy of our industry.

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An Envy apple isn't an afterthought to an active lifestyle, it provides a unique
opportunity to pause and savour the moment!

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Mark Gores - Lake Chelan, Washington

"It's all about the lake and the environment. The lake goes back into the Cascades for 55 miles. It's all glacier-fed...

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